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Hi and welcome to my new Watercolor Web Site, a very different looking site to my old one which was looking a little bit tired. The concept of my original site was initially to try to help & encourage artists, young or old just starting out in what can become a very relaxing and rewarding hobby, while at the same time letting them know this media can be a minefield full of different obstacles, for example there are many different types of watercolour paper in quality and weights of paper, rough or smooth surfaces, two different types of paints (Watercolor) Student Quality and Artist Quality, word of advice always buy the best paint you can afford, Artist Quality is the best on the market, it is also the most expensive as there is more pigment added to the paint, with Artist Quality you use less paint so it lasts longer and can work out cheaper, Student Quality is far cheaper but contains less pigment hence you tend to use more paint. Then there are those up and coming artist who choose to paint in Oil's or Acrylic Paint or possibly produce pictures using Pastel the list appears endless.

All my paintings are for sale, and sold as originals, signed by me and completed on Bockingford 300g/m² (140lb)  - Rough - Approx. Paper size 16" x 12", Mount Size Required 16" x 12"

NOTE:- Some of my paintings are attributed to both Terry Harrison and Geoff Kersey.

Painting in watercolour takes some getting used to and if anyone tells you otherwise take it from me they have never tried it, time and time again I would be half way through a painting and suddenly find I had made a stupid mistake. It is only through practice that you will eventually master this media but when you do you will see the benefits of all those hours spent in practice. I for one tried various artistic options in the beginning but each time a came back to Watercolor.

What i must say is that out of all the maze of painting options available to artist new or Professional, Watercolor is the most unfriendly media to deal with as it takes no prisoners, but once you have mastered watercolor you will be able to complete some stunning paintings. Practice makes perfect as they say,

Watercolor unlike nearly every other type of media is more sensitive to mistakes unlike other painting types of media, this is not to frighten those people just starting out, but learning how to use watercolor can be made a little easier if like me you try and attended one or two Professional Artists Workshop, I was lucky in that I was introduced to a great Landscape Painter Terry Harrison on my first workshop. Terry made painting in watercolor look so easy that he convinced me that his style of painting was the style i wanted to adopt, hence  those of you who new Terry will see a strong resemblance to his painting style in my paintings. His individual landscape/seascape paintings were all completed in the style of two of the old masters, Turner and Constable.

Learning to master watercolor painting is all about controlling the amount of water used on the paper, along with the amount of paint on your crush, too wet and you will end up with water all over the place, too much  paint and you create a muddy mess, not enough water and you will run into all sorts of other hidden problems, likewise using too light a weight of paper will cause your paper to cockle when wet, with little or no chance of recovering your painting. (See paper weight and type shown above)

Commissioned Paintings Accepted, simply contact me for Price and Delivery Options, most  re-productions of paintings shown on this web site will be available at the same price.

To see what customers thought of there purchased paintings take a look at the individual REVIEWS (where completed), these are shown on a selection of painting's appearing on the SOLD page.

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