The Artist Peter Weston

The artist Peter Weston relaxing in Amroth

Peter Weston relaxing in Amroth  

I always loved painting when i was at school in Yorkshire and would spend as much of my spare time as i could in the art room working mostly on various landscape scenes trying to follow in the style of Constable and Turner. Unfortunately back in those trying to make a career as an Artist would never have been allowed by my parents who wanted me to have a career in a more stable occupation.

On leaving school at fifteen, i never again touched a paint brush or paint until my 60th birthday although many times during my working life i remember saying to myself and others around me "I must start painting again" but like most thing is life you say things but never get around to doing it and so it was with me.

Imagine my surprise then, then when on my 60th birthday my wife presented me with everything i needed to get going again, Paper, Watercolor Paint and Brushes and a whole host of other artist equipment, this was just the incentive i needed, i could not wait to get started. It's amazing how quickly things i did and tried when i was at school came rushing back to me and within forty eight hours of receiving my present i had completed my first watercolour painting, the first in forty five years. This first painting was not a great success, nor a failure i might add, but never the less i had taken that first step on the road of achieving my dream of becoming a Self-Taught Watercolor Artist.

Since that day i have experimented with a variety of different mediums but i always keep coming back to Watercolor. To me there is something very special about a finished painting completed in this medium. Watercolour can be very unforgiving and has a habit of biting back when you least expect it, and it takes some practice to master but once you have mastered this medium you can create some of the most elegant and rewarding paintings you could ever imagine.
The key to any successful watercolor painting is to enjoy each and every painting session, more importantly, each session should be packed with fun and enjoyment, remember anyone can learn to paint it just takes a little practice and patience along with a will to succeed, and if you don't create that individual masterpiece the first or second time, keep trying for one day you will.?

Happy Painting
Peter Weston

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